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Utility 24 Equipped with V-Plow

Utility 24 has been equipped with a new 8'6 SnowEx V-Plow.  This will provide us the ability to run ahead of the larger trucks during a heavy snowfall, and open and roads or driveways that Fire, EMS or Police need to access.  Members are currently being trained on operation and signed off as qualified drivers for this unit!



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Reflective Address Signs Available

We can't help you if we can't find you!  Imagine trying to locate a house at 2am in the pouring down rain, when you are only given the house number.  A lot of people only post numbers on one side of their mailbox, don't replace faded or missing numbers, or put them on at all.  For a $20 donation, we will create a personalized 6" x 18" relfective aluminum sign with reflective 3" numbers that are highly visible day or night.  Signs can be created vertical or horizontal, and come with pre-drilled mounting holes.    


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