"Old Red"

1956 Howe Pumper purchased from El-Mor Chevrolet in 1956.  This truck was retired and puchased by Dave Shirey.  The truck still resides in our community and takes part in special events.

Our First Tanker

1969 Chevrolet - 1,800 gallon tank and a 250 GPM Pump.  The tank was a used stainless steel milk tank.  During the flood of 1972, this truck was used to haul drinking water for two weeks into Birdsboro.  The water was pumped from the ponds at the Bethlehem Steel Company in Morgantown.  This truck came from El-Mor Chevrolet and was sold in 1999.

1976 Brush Unit

1976 Chevrolet Salisbury Brush Truck.  200 Gallon Tank and a 250 GPM Pump.  This truck was painted red in the 1990s and sold privately in 2005.

1989 Ford FMC Engine

1989 Ford FMC Engine.  1000 gallons of water with a 1250 pump. This truck was sold to White Sulphur Springs Volunteer Fire Department in Montana in 2007

1991 Tanker

1991 Ford 4-Guys Tanker.  This truck had a 1,900 gallon tank and a 1,250 GPM pump.  This truck was originally purchased for $96,000.  In January 2001, this truck was totaled in an accident en-route to assist a neighboring company with a structure fire. 

Dodge Power Wagon

A Dodge Power Wagon was donated by the Bureau of Forestry strictly for brush fires.  This unit was returned to the Bureau and a 1986 Chevy Brush Truck was give in return (1986 still in use today)

4-Guys Tanker

A 1979 GMC 4-Guys Tanker was purchased from the Honey Brook Fire Company in 1999.  This provided us with a 3,000 gallon tank and a 1,000 GPM pump.  This truck was replaced with the current Tanker 24, and was sold to the Lake Waccamaw Fire Department in South Carolina in 2007

2004 Pierce Contender Engine

Our 2004 Pierce Contender Engine was bought from a department in Texas in 2008. Unit was in service untill July of 2016 when it was sold to Woodburn Fire Department in Indiana.

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