We can't help you if we can't find you!  Imagine trying to locate a house at 2am in the pouring down rain, when you are only given the house number.  A lot of people only post numbers on one side of their mailbox, don't replace faded or missing numbers, or put them on at all.  For a $20 donation, we will create a personalized 6" x 18" relfective aluminum sign with reflective 3" numbers that are highly visible day or night.  Signs can be created vertical or horizontal, and come with pre-drilled mounting holes.  


If you are interested, please download the attached form and fill out all information required.  We will create the sign and provide you with a pickup date.  You can pay when you pickup, or send a check or money order, payable to Geigertown Fire Company, if you choose to mail in the form. 


Mail:  PO Box 209 - Geigertown, PA 19523



Please allow 7-10 days for completion.  Thank you for your support, please call or email with any questions! 


Address Sign Order Form
Address Sign Order Form.pdf
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Visit our Recruitment Page to learn about the different levels of membership.  If you're ready to apply now, download the application here!

Membership Application
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